Department Hosts Special Colloquia in Mathematical Biology


The Department of Mathematics is hosting a series of special colloquia in mathematical biology this month.

Polly Yu (Harvard University) studies dynamical systems arising from network interactions, typically deterministic models for biochemical kinetics. On Wednesday, December 7, she’ll be talking with the Department of Mathematics about interaction networks and how dynamic models can be linked to underlying network structures. Talk details can be found at

Suraj Shankar (Harvard University) works on various problems in soft matter, nonequilibrium statistical physics, and biophysics. On Friday, December 9, he’ll be joining the Department of Mathematics to talk all about muscles—their mechanical, dynamic, and energetic properties, and how cellular hydraulics impacts the limitations of muscular contraction. Talk details can be found at

Yuanzhao Zhang (Cornell University and Santa Fe Institute) draws techniques from dynamical systems, graph theory, and machine learning to uncover how order emerges from chaos in coupled systems. On Monday, December 12, he’ll be in the Department of Mathematics discussing mathematical techniques for analyzing high-dimensional systems and what they can teach us about systems such as circadian clocks and artificial neural networks. Talk details can be found at

Daniel Cooney (University of Pennsylvania) uses partial differential equations, dynamical systems, and stochastic processes to study the dynamics of populations. On Friday, December 16, he’ll be with the Department of Mathematics, exploring evolutionary conflict through the lens of game theory. Talk details can be found at