Public Engagement

IGL outreach 2016The IGL is committed to public engagement and mathematical education. Our passion for mathematics extends beyond the walls of the classroom through our community activities like Science at the Market, Leal Science Night, Champaign Urbana Schools Foundation Freshman Focus, and various open houses. We have a vested interest in the education of students in our community schools. We organize classroom visits and field trips to our lab for students from preschool to high school.

If you are a teacher or program coordinator and would like your students to experience what over 500 students from over a dozen community schools, or you would like to the IGL to participate in a community event, then please contact

Summer 2017

SIM Camp 2016The 2017 Summer Illinois Math Camp took place July 10-14 and July 24-28. Topics for the 2017 SIM Camp courses include "Beyond 1,2,3: How Mathematicians Count", "Tropical Geometry", "Classical Constructions: Learn to Draw Algebra" and "Topological Invariants: how to know the answer in advance".

Mathematical galleries

We welcome you to take a look at the projects completed by IGL teams, as well as the mathematical galleries below.

Paul Nylander's Website: A collection of physics and mathematics visualizations, as well as other things of interest.

David Dumas's Website: A collection of images and videos demonstrating ideas in current research on hyperbolic geometry.

Mathematical Models: a website dedicated to the hundreds of mathematical models designed in the 19th and early 20th centuries and housed in Altgeld Hall.