Getting Engaged in Math and Science (GEMS) Workshops

GEMS is a female-focused pair of free workshops for 5th-8th graders on the many ways in which mathematics interacts with and influences the world around us. Our goals are to present interesting math in a fun, hands-on way and encourage students from traditionally underrepresented genders to get engaged with STEM.

Spring 2020: Math and Magic

This February, 5th-8th grade students can get engaged with math in a pair of free workshops around the theme of Math and Magic:

  • February 22, 1-3pm: Topology Tricks
  • February 29, 1-3pm: Flexagons and Paper Puzzles

Normal registration is now closed. We have more spots open, so participants wishing to late register may do so by e-mailing Dana Neidinger at


If you have any questions, please contact Dana Neidinger at

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