Souktik Roy

 Souktik Roy

Contact Information

Department of Mathematics
273 Altgeld Hall, MC-382
1409 W. Green Street
Urbana, IL 61801
PhD Student
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I am a second year PhD student at UIUC Mathematics. I grew up in India and attended university in the UK before moving to Champaign-Urbana. My work is primarily combinatorial.

Research Interests

  • Combinatorics
  • Graph Theory

Research Description

I am interested in a variety of questions that have some discrete flavour, especially those that lie at the interface between combinatorics and other areas. For more see my preprints on arXiv.


  • MMath, University of Oxford (2018)


  • Spring 2019: Math 220 (sections ADF, ADK)
  • Fall 2018: Math 213 (sections E1, X1); Math 413 (section E13)