Derek Kielty

 Derek Kielty

Contact Information

Altgeld Hall 129
PhD Student

Research Interests

  • Partial differential equations and spectral theory

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Kielty, Derek Singular limits of sign-changing weighted eigenproblems Accepted for publication in Asymptotic Analysis 2018, p. 34. arXiv:1812.03617.
Agbanusi, Ikemefuna, Jared Bronski, and Derek Kielty A sharp eigenvalue bound for graph Laplacians Submitted 2018, p. 7.
Chen, Joe, Lance Ford, Derek Kielty, Rajeshwari Majumdar, Heather McCain, Dylan O'Connell, and Fan Ny Shum Stabilization by noise of a C^2-valued coupled system Stochastics and Dynamics 17 06 2017, p. 22. Article.